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Local ABC4All / KENYA
Local ABC4All / KENYA

About  About
Title: Local ABC4All / KENYA
Location: Kenya
Status: In Progress
Timeline: 2007-12-10 to 2007-12-10
Categories: Technology, Education, Culture

ABC4All, to date, has been in development for 10 years. Official operation launched July 2004, in cooperation with many individuals, as reflected in the ABC4All Dedication.

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Jan 19th, 2009 - 09:52:37 | A Better Community for All (ABC4All)
Today January 19, 2009, is SERVICE DAY on Martin Luther King Day, as declared by President-Elect Obama: Tomorrow, January 20, 2009 is Inauguration Day... (read more)

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator A Better Community for All (ABC4All) (United States)
Leader Antony Kamau (Kenya)
Leader Kaudo Vincent (Kenya)
Leader Kenyaabc4all (Kenya)
Leader Voluntary Youth Philanthropist (Kenya)
- Karimi (Kenya)
- ezekiel chebii (Kenya)
- Timothy Odiaga (Kenya)
- Nomadess (Kenya)
- Mohamud Abass (Kenya)
- Ken Auma (Kenya)
- Terri (Kenya)
- Patricia Sudi (Kenya)
- Christabell (Kenya)
- Nimo (Kenya)

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Documents  Documents
Document ABC4ALL Principles (21.5 KB)

Document ABC4ALL Objectives (23.5 KB)

Document Mission Statement (19 KB)

Document What the World Needs Now (26.5 KB)

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