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Building A Better Future

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ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project

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Initiatives for the Welfare and Development of the African Child and Youth (Nigeria)

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Circle of Hope for World AIDS Orphans Day
United States (2006-05-07)

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Title: Building A Better Future
Location: Global
Status: In Progress
Timeline: Ongoing
Categories: Technology, Education, Human Rights

To increase educational access and quality for the disadvantaged by serving individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world and to aide in providing economic incentives to help parents cover the cost of keeping their children in school. In a effort to improve the quality and accessibility of basic education — helping individuals and communities reach their full potential

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Mar 22nd, 2007 - 05:06:47 | nockia
When we join hands to gethjer we sjall build abtter world so plesae all members its my courage to all of you to join together and work as a team with uot expecting any other pay otherthan making... (read more)

Dec 29th, 2006 - 11:55:14 | Beary Special
Building A Better Future has been invite to give a techinical speach and become a member of the planning committee for the WIRE AFRICA AFRICA-AMERICA ECONOMIC SUMMIT 2007. The WIRE AFRICA... (read more)

Dec 10th, 2006 - 16:23:10 | Beary Special
Progress in the Making On 11/28/2006, one of the collaberators of BABF has offered the following opportunity to partner with Delta Childrens Village Ken is excited about the collaberation and... (read more)

Dec 10th, 2006 - 16:18:38 | Beary Special
Progress in the Making, On 11/23/2006, BABF was introduced to A Ghanian government worker who is currently undergoing a postgraduate studies at Columbia University, USA who has aggreed to assist... (read more)

Dec 10th, 2006 - 16:17:26 | Beary Special
Progress in the Making On 11/15/2006, BABF has had the opportuninty to be introduced to (a teacher and youth development worker/ civil society activist in Ghana. Pressing forward and... (read more)

Dec 10th, 2006 - 16:15:13 | Beary Special
Progress in The Making, On 11/01/2006, The President of Intiators in Nigeria joined BABF and has offered to assist in obtain land. A Special Youth Fellow with the United Nations Population... (read more)

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator Eugenia Bivines (United States)
Leader yasin m. billy (Ghana)
- asad (Pakistan)
- Owulezi (Nigeria)
- Richard Bbaale (Uganda)
- Code (Malawi)
- LISA (Canada)
- Krishna Giri (Nepal)
- Mohamed Barrie (Guinea)
- Houston Federal criminal attorney (United States)
- LISA (Canada)
- Girl (United States)

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Documents  Documents
Document Resources For Mobilizing Funding Development Projects (88 KB)


Document Digital Discourses (92.7 KB)

Document Problems and Strategies in Financing Voluntary Free Software Projects

Document INTERNET & DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA:Empowering communities” (415.5 KB)

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