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Global Issues On-line classroom

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Title: Global Issues On-line classroom
Location: Global
Status: In Progress
Timeline: Ongoing
Categories: Environment, Education, Culture, Poverty, Human Rights, Peace & Conflict, Health, Environment, Child & Youth Rights, LGBT Rights, Gender Equality, Civil Society, International Aggreements, Poverty, Poverty, Child & Youth Rights, Genocide, Citizen Journalism, Citizen Journalism, Freedom of Expression, HIV/AIDS, Diseases, Sustainable Development, Substance Abuse, Education, Cultural Diversity, Religious Freedom

To help the students and the community of Stockbridge, Michigan USA gain access to a variety of differing points of views on global issues our world faces.

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Jun 4th, 2004 - 09:44:27 | Hist_Teacher
We will be in full swing when we return to school in late Aug. But please feel free to post questions or comments until then. (read more)

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Administrator Korey Bradley (United States)
Leader ()
- ()
- ()
- MEDJEEN (Haiti)
- MEDJEEN (Haiti)

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