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BREAK-OUT! Turn Ur Ideas to a successful business and enjoy financial freedom!
Nigeria (2009-11-16)

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2001 Youth Representative in Australia's Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, New York

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Location: Albania
Status: Completed
Timeline: 2008-06-04 to 2011-11-12
Categories: Human Rights, Culture

In 2008, a group of the SOS organization in Tirane initiate a project for advocating about children s rights. They began a study of the situation of the young that leave residential care and those who don't have any place to go after being a majors in age ( 17-18 years old ). This situation of this young people in those condition is really alarming. Thats why we SOS Kinderdorf International, with offices in Albania and in collaborating with...

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Dec 14th, 2009 - 12:40:26 | Marin
Now every one more information about the project you can find it in the official SOS kinderdorf or SOS children villages website. I hope that together as an unit force we can do something about... (read more)

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator Marin (Albania)
Leader ()
Leader (Canada)
Leader *Junya Tanaka (Japan)
Leader Activist (Sierra Leone)
Leader Adam Clare (Canada)
Leader Adam MacIsaac (Canada)
Leader Ahmed Hafez (Egypt)
Leader Ahmed Haroon (Egypt)
Leader ajmeda (United States)
Leader Alba Fishta (Albania)
Leader alejandra (Peru)
Leader Alona Eltari (Albania)
Leader amazingmodels (India)
Leader amber (United States)
Leader Ami88 (United States)
Leader Amina-Yasmine (Canada)
Leader Andrea Arzaba (Mexico)
Leader Anthony Fofanah (Sierra Leone)
Leader Ardit Rada (Albania)
Leader ARMI (Albania)
Leader Artiona (Albania)
Leader Asuka Kondoh (United States)
Leader Atta (Pakistan)
Leader Azira Aziz (Malaysia)
Leader Benita (Italy)
Leader blerta (United Kingdom)
Leader Boiken (Albania)
Leader brad michael (United States)
Leader BYJF (Bangladesh)
Leader Cancelada (Spain)
Leader caringdevice (Nepal)
Leader Celeste Romanuck (Canada)
Leader Chantelle Ennis-Charoo (Canada)
Leader Cherrie (New Zealand)
Leader Christina Rodriguez (United States)
Leader Corina Pirvulescu (Romania)
Leader crazydiamond (Slovenia)
Leader cyntia williams (South Africa)
Leader Dalene Valorie (United States)
Leader Danish Khan MCSE, MCT, MCTS, MCITP, MCP, CompTIA A+ & CompTIA Network+ Certified (Saudi Arabia)
Leader Dejona Mihali (Albania)
Leader Denis Nyakach (Kenya)
Leader denisa (Albania)
Leader Dorina (Albania)
Leader Dr. Ahmed Tammam (Egypt)
Leader Eda (Albania)
Leader Emily Briggs (Canada)
Leader Erald ()
Leader esida bejdo (Albania)
Leader Eszter (Hungary)
Leader Evis Progonati (United States)
Leader Fi McKenzie (United Kingdom)
Leader Flightless_Bird (United Kingdom)
Leader Gabriella (Germany)
Leader Go2GurlTBAY (Canada)
Leader GSimon (Canada)
Leader Gurbinder Sharma (India)
Leader Hana Siddiquee (Canada)
Leader helenam (Iraq)
Leader Hildegard Regele (United States)
Leader Ina GJIKONDI (Albania)
Leader International Caribbean Institute (Dominican Republic)
Leader J.Cyp (Canada)
Leader jamanda CH (Albania)
Leader jenifer (United States)
Leader Jenna-Lee Procter (South Africa)
Leader jennah (United States)
Leader Jennifer Corriero (Canada)
Leader jihene ()
Leader jodevizes (United Kingdom)
Leader Joelene (United Kingdom)
Leader Joi (Spain)
Leader Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
Leader kayla (: ()
Leader Kerry O'Connor (Canada)
Leader Kimia (Canada)
Leader lacey (United States)
Leader lawrence edward (Tanzania)
Leader Lentochka (Russia)
Leader lisa (United States)
Leader Lorhiz Marielle (Canada)
Leader Lubem (Nigeria)
Leader Mabaruuk M Omar (Somalia)
Leader Madison Isabella (United States)
Leader mandy mokwena (Botswana)
Leader Mariana Ballestero (Argentina)
Leader Marino (New Zealand)
Leader marioliva (Mexico)
Leader mark berry (United Kingdom)
Leader Marsi (Albania)
Leader Martin Luther (Venezuela)
Leader Maureen Emefa Bansah (Ghana)
Leader Mbutu Agriculture Society( Mas)ECOSOC UN (Tanzania)
Leader Mohamed El kashash (Egypt)
Leader Monica (Estonia)
Leader Nabil Eid (Syria)
Leader niwa rahmad dwitama (Indonesia)
Leader Nora Lin (Hong Kong)
Leader Pamela (New Zealand)
Leader Pauline (Canada)
Leader Peace2Peace (Russia)
Leader Pele_Rice_Fire (United States)
Leader pranvera (Albania)
Leader Raisa Bhuiyan (Canada)
Leader Raphael Wanjaria Njararuhi (Kenya)
Leader Rebecca Lohman (United States)
Leader Ronaldo (Kenya)
Leader Saladin (Egypt)
Leader Samuel Akinmoju (Nigeria)
Leader Sandi Rankaduwa (Canada)
Leader SaraC83 (United States)
Leader Sarah Evans (United States)
Leader Sarah Switzer (Canada)
Leader sashenka (Albania)
Leader shtriga (Albania)
Leader siddiqua (India)
Leader srijana upreti (Nepal)
Leader Stacey ()
Leader Suneboy (Nepal)
Leader Tambra (United States)
Leader Tchekwie (Canada)
Leader The-Eloquent-Warbler (Russia)
Leader Tih (Turkey)
Leader Timothy G. Branfalt Sr. (Costa Rica)
Leader Valerio (United Kingdom)
Leader Vimbai Sigudu (Zimbabwe)
Leader William Henry (United States)
Leader Yashoda (Nepal)
- Michael Awiti (Kenya)
- Farhad (Iran)

- Tamam-Albania
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Document un guidelines (867 KB)

Document project review (340.5 KB)

Document strategy program (382.5 KB)

Document cultural change (1461.9 KB)

Document power point presantation (92 KB)

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