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ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project
ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project

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ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project

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A Better Community For All (ABC4All) (United States)

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United States (2006-12-09)

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friends of lake bogoria

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Title: ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project
Location: Global
Status: In Progress
Timeline: Ongoing
Categories: Peace & Conflict, Health, Education, Globalization

Tags: abc4all, celebrationofoneness, theshift, worlddance


Welcome to ABC4All! TIG: The ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM project Start Page is located here! Main ABC4All has a Global Portal4Relief: read more

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Mar 21st, 2014 - 16:54:41 | A Better Community for All (ABC4All)
LINKS so you can join us and follow along (like a program) and click on links of interest! Broadcast LIVE Outline... (read more)

Mar 20th, 2014 - 20:25:36 | A Better Community for All (ABC4All)
Read this online: [1] Read more about the first interview: [2]... (read more)

Nov 2nd, 2013 - 18:56:35 | A Better Community for All (ABC4All)

We have welcomed Peter Young, ABC4All Partner/Mentor/Global Youth Ambassador!
read more)

Jul 18th, 2013 - 04:33:16 | A Better Community for All (ABC4All)

Richard Branson @richardbranson asks: How will you make the world a better place on #MandelaDay? Share your pledge, give 67 minutes of your time or donate read more)

Feb 9th, 2013 - 23:17:48 | A Better Community for All (ABC4All)
With an alarmingly increasing number of hacked emails from insecure addresses like aol, gmail, hotmail, yahoo and others, it will no longer be acceptable to receive communication from ABC4All... (read more)

Aug 19th, 2012 - 03:55:58 | Prof.Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D
Our website listing "Goodwill Social Work Centre" has been approved for inclusion in GreenMaven's Green Search Engine and Directory. Please check out our listing now!:... (read more)

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Communual work for development
maahe | 04:45 AM

youth meeting
ayoub89 | 10:47 AM

Free High Schools for Africa
Mepukori | 09:01 AM

Grant success
AHM-SCVG | 08:15 AM

[Poll] Let's meet all Indian Mentor in Delhi
sgacindia | 06:15 AM

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator A Better Community for All (ABC4All) (United States)
Leader Randall Brown (United States)
Leader Aamir Isaac Sindhu (Pakistan)
Leader ABC4All SIERRA LEONE (Sierra Leone)
Leader abdul-mumin (Ghana)
Leader Adelusi Oluwafemi Temidayo-Don (Nigeria)
Leader Adewole Taiwo (Nigeria)
Leader Akeem Gbadamosi (Nigeria)
Leader Alma L. Martinez (United States)
Leader Andy (Sierra Leone)
Leader AnnM (United States)
Leader Antony Kamau (Kenya)
Leader Arthur (United States)
Leader AWCAF (Ghana)
Leader B.B. Bakampa (Uganda)
Leader BenoitCtr (Canada)
Leader bigpun007 (Nigeria)
Leader Birendra Kumar (India)
Leader Birgitte Kai (Denmark)
Leader Bryan Graves (United States)
Leader caprecon (United Kingdom)
Leader Carabeto (Somalia)
Leader caringdevice (Nepal)
Leader Charles Grunitzky (Ghana)
Leader Chief Knowledge Coach (Pakistan)
Leader Council of Africa-Burundi (Burundi)
Leader Dahai (Netherlands)
Leader Dan (United States)
Leader Danielle (Australia)
Leader Dr. Janice Presser (United States)
Leader Ediola Pashollari (Malaysia)
Leader Emmanuel Marfo (Ghana)
Leader Eric Gitonga Mburugu (Kenya)
Leader Gary Chung (United States)
Leader George Best (Kenya)
Leader Ger (South Sudan)
Leader GYCA,Cameroon (Cameroon)
Leader hekatea (Philippines)
Leader Helen Ewald Mahoo (Tanzania)
Leader ing. Robin SEVERI (Belgium)
Leader Innocent Ekong (Nigeria)
Leader Jahangir Piara (Pakistan)
Leader Jamils - Richard Achunji Anguaseh (Cameroon)
Leader Jan Michael Gaynor ()
Leader Jean-Claude (Burundi)
Leader John Butters (Uruguay)
Leader jones wambua (Kenya)
Leader Kanyesigye Devius (Uganda)
Leader Kaudo Vincent (Kenya)
Leader Kerrie Claire (Finland)
Leader Kingwawa (United States)
Leader Kitambi (Tanzania)
Leader Konstantin Jagoulis (Thailand)
Leader Kristy Thatcher Bradshaw (United States)
Leader lawrence edward (Tanzania)
Leader Leo Sonneveld ()
Leader Marcel Susko (Slovakia)
Leader Margaret Hampton (United States)
Leader Matt Chambliss (United States)
Leader Mawejje Joseph (Uganda)
Leader Mfon Abel Ekene (Nigeria)
Leader Michael Awiti (Kenya)
Leader Michele Duguay (Canada)
Leader Miguel Martim (United States)
Leader Moses Kigozi (Uganda)
Leader ninganza (Burundi)
Leader nockia (Uganda)
Leader Nolan Hack (United States)
Leader Nsimbe (Uganda)
Leader Nwalozie, Chigozie Michael. (Nigeria)
Leader Oabona Sepora (Botswana)
Leader okonta emeka okelum (Nigeria)
Leader olusola (Nigeria)
Leader Our Fertileground (South Africa)
Leader Owulezi (Nigeria)
Leader Paul Shaw (United Kingdom)
Leader Pepper Simone (United States)
Leader Peter Njodzeka (Cameroon)
Leader positive awareness service society (India)
Leader pradeep sapkota (Nepal)
Leader Prakash Kr. Singh (India)
Leader Prince Ifoh (Nigeria)
Leader RAFT1 (Canada)
Leader Raghav Sharma (Nepal)
Leader Reggie Salazar (United States)
Leader Richard Nelson (Norway)
Leader Rise Beyond Dreams ()
Leader Robinah K. Nanyunja (Uganda)
Leader Rommy Wuhe (Nigeria)
Leader Saving All Kids (United States)
Leader scott bruce (United States)
Leader Sohel Khan (Bangladesh)
Leader Stephen Ojeremen (Nigeria)
Leader tafadzwa (Zimbabwe)
Leader Talona (United States)
Leader TeejayMaya (Nigeria)
Leader teguo daniel (Cameroon)
Leader thaddeus ugoh (Nigeria)
Leader Turyatunga Bob Maahe (Uganda)
Leader Viktor Grant (United States)
Leader Visionary Sam (South Africa)
Leader Voluntary Youth Philanthropist (Kenya)
Leader Wandila (Zambia)
Leader Weleeba Kenneth (Uganda)
Leader yasin m. billy (Ghana)
Leader Yogi Ramesh (United States)
Leader youth united for the promotion of community empowerment & Development (yupced) Liberia (Liberia)
Leader Yuel Bhatti (Pakistan)
Leader Zack Wilson (United States)
Leader Zulfiqar Ali (Pakistan)
- Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu (United States)
- A.Alvin Winford (Liberia)
- waqas aleem mughal (Pakistan)
- Farhad (Iran)
- Anan (Nepal)
- J. Marc FEUSSOM (Senegal)
- Kwedi Eric (Cameroon)
- Rabbit (China)
- walexluvuall (Nigeria)
- tabara (Mauritania)

- Community Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE)
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Document Children's rights through artwork project

Document Promoting the value of peace as a child right-Adult responsibility

Document Promoting the value of peace as a child right-Adult responsibility

Document Chances for children Madurai project,India

Document Universal Peace Calendar - current (193.2 KB)

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Do No Harm

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