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A c t i v e Data Management System
A c t i v e Data Management System

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Title: A c t i v e Data Management System
Location: Global
Status: Completed
Timeline: Ongoing
Categories: Globalization, Social Entrepreneurship, Globalization, Educational Technology, Technology, Digital Citizenship

The ADM System allows businesses to rapidly build full-featured online database applications in minutes! Design and create Web Forms, Online Databases, and Reporting applications. Easily to use toolbars, navigation menus, form searching, data mining, and role-based security.

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Oct 31st, 2004 - 14:27:11 | Lonnie A Hartley
On November 1, 2004 our team will start Version 2.0 Pro of the Active Data Management System. Lonnie Hartley - Product Management (read more)

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topher | 12:18 PM

Brief me
chakablazy | 09:44 AM

Version 1.0 COMPLETE - Thanks everyone...
lonnieh | 02:23 AM

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Administrator Lonnie A Hartley (Canada)
Leader ()
Leader ()
Leader ()
Leader ()
Leader ()
- PETER ONIPE (Nigeria)
- ()
- ()
- Oliver Okwaro (Kenya)
- Victorien POM (Cameroon)
- ()
- Tope (Nigeria)
- ()

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