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Global Issues

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Global Issues

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Culture - Global Issues

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 Updated December 18, 2012

Position: Name, email, TIG username

Managing Coordinator
: Abhijith Jayanthi,, abhijith


Culture Coordinator: Samantha Marbaniang,, marbaniangsamantha
Culture Team Member: Carlos Kiplagat,, ngetuny
Culture Team Member: Nestor Maslej,, nmaslej


Education Coordinator: Henry David Namwenda,
Education Team Member: Muhammad Yahya Khan,, yahya842 
Education Team Member: Jenelle Braun,, nellgirl 
Education Team Member: Benjamin Stall,, furio
Education Team Member: Kome Udjoh M Dawn,, udjokome


Environment Coordinator: Sriya Potham,, sriyapotham
Environment Team Member: Miora Raf,, miorarr
Environment Team Member: 
Samantha Marbaniang,, marbaniangsamantha


Globalization Coordinator: Ola'Lekan Babatunde,, Lekanbabz
Globalization Team Member: 
Nada Salah,, NadaSalah 
Globalization Team Member: Boaz Malki,, Verilogeng
Globalization Team Member: Geraldo Hayford,, jarin

Health & Sexuality Coordinator: 
Health & Sexuality Team Member: 
 Kaviri Ali,, kvr
Health & Sexuality Team Member: Karishma Shah,, kshah45
Health & Sexuality Team Member: Omar Hawajri,, Omar-Hawajri

Human Rights Coordinator:  Patrick Chinedu Enwerem,, peculiarpat1
Human Rights Team Member: Korey Anthony Chisholm,, cutekorey19
Human Rights Team Member: Prakrit Nepal,, 
Human Rights Team Member: Paolo Ricciardelli,, paolo84
Human Rights Team Member: Nada Salah,, NadaSalah 


Media Coordinator: William Reynolds,, 4FarMore
Media Team Member: Melvin Mathew Stephen,, melsteve
Media Team Member: Mostafa Rady Mahmoud,, mostafa2009
Media Team Member: Aminou Ndala Tita,, AminouT 
Media Team Member: Clement Matorwmasen,, clementafrica


Peace & Conflict Coordinator: Tih Felix,, magyc
Peace & Conflict Team Member: Nohline Akinyi,, nohllyn
Peace & Conflict Team Member: Jonathan Tang,, jtang257
Peace & Conflict Team Member: Michael Kosch,, Langdon-Algar


Technology Coordinator: Nehemiya Maman,, 
Technology Team Member: Charu Gupta,, charugupta3
Technology Team Member: Maryam Habib,, maryam.habib32
Technology Team Member: Kojo Dokyi Appiah,, dokyi

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Aug 18th, 2009 - 11:43:12 | Asim
This is a response to Samantha's idea for a movie media section. Sorry for the delayed response. I really like the idea of adding movies and/or movie reviews. Its a useful media especially with... (read more)

Jul 23rd, 2009 - 12:11:38 | Asim
Hey everyone, I found a useful news database relating to MDG goals. I thought it may be useful to some, if you haven't come across it already. (read more)

Jul 20th, 2009 - 20:59:38 | Satya
Vow to eternity Born to die, live to die Strive ardently, oh man and burn. Purity comes from burning to be away from dross. Gold must be passed through crucible in order to be refined.... (read more)

Jul 20th, 2009 - 20:52:04 | Satya
2009-04-26 Humans are never survived beyond this terrestrial world , what ever the desires make them ambitious to poke extrassssss...... There was the worst days and more worst in the future,... (read more)

Jun 26th, 2009 - 12:49:09 | Melissa Koluksuz
Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the virtual meeting this morning. For those of you who were unable to attend, or if you want to take a look back at the topics... (read more)

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Discussions  Discussions
mary19 | 05:40 AM

isiguzoi | 06:59 AM

Webinar sign-up: Researching online made easy! - July 31th
kurshauna | 01:24 PM

Webinar sign-up: Global Engagement with Web 2.0. tools - July 24th
kurshauna | 01:22 PM

Webinar sign-up: Writing like a journalist - July 17th
kurshauna | 12:59 PM

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator Daniel Ng (Canada)
Leader Abhijith Jayanthi (India)
Leader Fatimah Hasnain Mirza (Canada)
Leader Francisco Pereira (Canada)
Leader Jennifer Velagic (Canada)
Leader Julie (Canada)
- Michael (Canada)
- Clement Matorwmasen (Ghana)
- Henry David Namwenda (Zambia)
- Sena (Canada)
- Kaviri Ali (Uganda)
- Karishma (Canada)
- Tih (Turkey)
- Nehemiya (Niger)
- Melvin Stephen (India)
- Aminou Ndala TITA (Cameroon)

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Documents  Documents
Document Researching Online Made Easy - Supplementary Notes (132 KB)

Document Researching Online Made Easy (547.5 KB)

Document Webinar: Web 2.0 for Social Change (3557 KB)

Document Stop the Violence in Honduras Petition

Document How to Write Like A Journalist (Additional Notes For Journalism in a Democracy) (16.1 KB)

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Photo Album  Photo Album
Staff Day- July...

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