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Maid in India
Maid in India

About  About
Title: Maid in India
Location: mumbai, India
Status: In Progress
Timeline: 2000-01-01 to 2000-01-01
Categories: Human Rights, Health, Education

Tags: maidinindia, mumbai, india, maid, womenempowerment, health, publichealth, childcare, employmentgeneration, vocationaltraining, hygiene, maidinindia

Domestic helps are commonly employed at homes in India to help with daily household chores, cooking, looking after children, pets or older parents. Despite being such a common occurrence, there exists a lack of a formal channel to hire them. On the other hand, domestic helps do not get recognition of a formal labor sector. This leads to lack of standardization of treatment, leave alone basic job rights and perks. In the absence of stringent...

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator Pankaj Shanker Jethwani (India)
- Kristle Calisto-Tavares (Canada)
- Kristle Calisto-Tavares (Canada)

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Document MII Pilot 2 services info (29 KB)

Document MII Pilot 1 services info (31.5 KB)

Document Maid in India media launch at Ashoka Towers - Presentation (285.5 KB)

Document Maid in India ppt 1 (534 KB)

Document Health Camp services (80 KB)

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Hand mailed dusters

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