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Mobile Puppet theater Gogol-Molol
Mobile Puppet theater Gogol-Molol

About  About
Title: Mobile Puppet theater Gogol-Molol
Location: Russia
Status: In Planning
Timeline: 2009-02-27 to 2009-05-27
Categories: Media, Culture, Globalization

Tags: nose, mobilepuppet, theater, googlemugli, gogol, shostakovich, shemiakin, unesco

Shooting For 200 years anniversary of Gogol.rnMajor Kovalyov's nose runs over to the Nevsky and the Kazan Cathedral on the stairs.rnST 2009, April 1. Mobile Puppet theater «Google --rnMugli » Gogol monument to lay flowers and bow to the music from the opera NOSErnShostakovich. Between the two sites Kovaliov runs for MayorrnNosed on the Nevsky and the stairs of the Kazan Cathedral. Nose-With shoutsrnIf you like, the nose rape....

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Administrator Shevnin (Russia)
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