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WFUNA Youth TIG Page
WFUNA Youth TIG Page

About  About
Title: WFUNA Youth TIG Page
Location: Global
Status: In Planning
Timeline: Ongoing
Categories: Education

WFUNA-Youth aims to gain more support for the spirit of the United Nations among young people, as well as to further the world-wide activities of United Nations Youth Associations and UNA Youth Programs. The 38th WFUNA Plenary Assembly (the organization's highest decision making body that meets every 3 years) will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 6-10 November 2006. Parallel to this event, will be a WFUNA Youth meeting. This page...

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Why should WFUNA-youth be included in the WFUNA-constitution
MagnusNordahl | 09:03 AM

Encuentro regional
marquez | 11:06 PM

A new idea about projects
gkumas | 04:54 PM

Project about renewing an organisation
MagnusNordahl | 11:26 AM

Tell us about special projects you do in your country!
kimon | 04:35 PM

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator Junmian Sun (China)
Leader Anne Kreft (United States)
Leader Fruzsina (United States)
Leader Pol Fontanet Perez (Spain)
- TJ (United Kingdom)
- UNA-BOLIVIA (Bolivia)
- namale pross (Uganda)
- Monique Theron (South Africa)
- Roel van der Meij (Netherlands)
- MARCOTE (Venezuela)
- Adenike Stephenson (Jamaica)
- Pratima (United States)
- Sarah Capasso (Argentina)
- Jimmy Alegria (Peru)

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