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The Whoville Project

About  About
Title: The Whoville Project
Location: Uganda
Status: In Progress
Timeline: 2009-09-09 to 2014-09-09
Categories: Culture, Education

Tags: whovilleproject, uganda, spacc, springsalive, martinsebuliba, orphans, children, education, ripplingpond, sendkathy, spacc, communication

Join the growing number of teachers who are seeking a way to make global connections a reality for their students. Project Whoville offers a rare first hand look into a different world. Your students will be drawn to explore the similarities and differences in cultures. They will learn how children live, work and play in rural Uganda. The SPACC children are just as eager to be heard and to hear from your students. Like Horton, in Horton...

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Administrator Kathy (United States)
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Document SpringsAlive Planning Wiki

Document SpringsAlive Community Blog

Document The Whoville Online Form

Document The Whoville Project Description

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