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CHANGE - The World Peace Coin
CHANGE - The World Peace Coin

About  About
Title: CHANGE - The World Peace Coin
Location: Global
Status: In Progress
Timeline: 2009-09-11 to 2012-12-21
Categories: Peace & Conflict, Globalization, Education

Tags: worldpeace, worldpeacecoin, children, world, global, poverty, haiti, peace, happiness, health, wealth, love, giving, thankfulness, change, changebeginswithme, changetheworld, worldinitiatives, peaceonearth, schools, fundraising, obama

The World Change Foundation invites you to join us on an amazing project that will bring a positive change to the world. The World Change Foundation is a unique company that is best describe as the commercialization of philanthropy. The company has components of a professional fundraising corporation, a product corporation, a charity and an ever-changing corporate philanthropy drive. Through the creation of a humanitarian coin called...

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator Scott (Canada)
- Tobias Huber / Music 4 Peace (Switzerland)
- A Better Community for All (ABC4All) (United States)
- Muhammad Rauf (Pakistan)
- Guntiño (Germany)

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Documents  Documents
Document An Invitation to the World!

Document The World Peace Coin

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