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WritingTravellers open guidebooks
WritingTravellers open guidebooks

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WritingTravellers open guidebooks

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WritingTravellers (Netherlands)

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WritingTravellers open guidebooks

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Title: WritingTravellers open guidebooks
Location: Global
Status: In Progress
Timeline: 2007-12-19 to 2007-12-19
Categories: Education, Culture, Media

Tags: travel, writing, culture, destinations, guide, write, guidebook, travelling, traveling

In this project people work together on travel guidebooks that will have a broader scoop on visiting destinations in the world than the regular guidebooks. Besides that they will be more up-to-date and more tailor-made. Anyone can contribute texts or pictures and will get credits for it.

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Dec 19th, 2007 - 03:32:32 | Ferdinand Harms
The whole month of December 2007 WritingTravellers organizes an on-line writing/editing session on its Amsterdam guidebook. The aim is to make the guide as complete and as up-to-date as possible.... (read more)

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What's your latest travel discovery?
fharmsen | 05:33 AM

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Who Is Involved?  Who Is Involved?
Administrator Ferdinand Harmsen (Netherlands)
Leader ()
- Tamunobarabi (Nigeria)
- វ័ណថារិទ្ធ​ (Vantharith) (Cambodia)
- Raed (United Kingdom)
- hekatea (Philippines)
- Areej Atalla (Palestine)

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Document WritingTravellers the website

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