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WSIS Youth Kenya
WSIS Youth Kenya

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Mar 1st, 2006 - 06:44:18 | Wainaina
Preparations for the Kenya Youth & ICT Conference 2006 have began.

Updates will be available to you in due time

Mar 1st, 2006 - 06:41:37 | Wainaina
You can now access "The Final Report of the WSIS Youth Kenya RYNICS-2005 Campaign" as well as the "Kenya Youth Declaration on the Implementation of the ICT Policy".

Contact Wainaina Mungai on for details of how to get a copy of the 43-page report.

Sep 21st, 2005 - 12:51:47 | Wainaina
WSIS Youth Kenya is currently being represented at Prepcom3 by Wainaina Mungai (Made in Kenya Network).

Youth Caucus meetings will be held each morning at 8:30am.

Updates will be posted as matters arise.

Aug 15th, 2005 - 04:14:18 | Wainaina
WSIS Youth Kenya successfully held the 1st Kenya Youth and ICT Convention on 12th and 13th August 2005 at YMCA Central hostels in Nairobi. The event was launched by Ms. Alice Munyua, Commissioner at the Communications Commission of Kenya and National Corrdinator of APC/CATIA Project, Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), among others. The event concluded with the "Kenya Youth Declaration on Implementation of the National ICT Policy" as well as the relaunch of WSIS Youth Kenya as a network of young ICT Changemakers from all-over Kenya.

Upto 50 young Kenyans from all 8 provinces attended the tow day event. Rural youth, some who did not have e-mail addresses, were present. Presentations on issues of gender, employment, entrepreneurhip, environment, role of media, local content and voice over IP, were made. Industry experts such as AFRISPA General Manager, Mr. Brian Longwe (CEO, InHand Limited and former Chairman of TESPOK & former CTO of ISPKenya), provided a caprivating presentation on voice over IP technology and the opportunties existing for Kenyan youth. Lorna Adoyo from Linux Chicks Africa provided a look at "ICTs for the young women" while Antony Mwaniki CEO, Oneworld International gave an infomative presentation on Local content and community communications. Other speakers included Bill Kagai (FOSSFA), Antony Wafula (Radio Waumini), Wainaina Mungai (Made in Kenya Network), Wanjiru Njogu (Goal-ICT) and Constance Khaendi (Citron Wood).

A Report of the 1st Kenya Youth and ICT Convention will be available soon along with the overall report of the Rural Youth National Information Society Campaign in Kenya.

Aug 9th, 2005 - 10:31:23 | Wainaina
Below are the activities of the campaign that will have its climax during the Harambee Youth Week/International Youth Day at the Kenya Youth and ICT Convention on 12th and 13th August.

- Mapping and research of youth ICT 4 Development projects is ongoing [kindly provide feedback on the attached form]

- E-Conference on Youth and ICT in Kenya – ongoing – and collection of youth input on the draft ICT policy; which was submitted to the Ministry of Information and Communication.

- Radio Coverage of youth ICT 4 Development projects on 'The Break' on Radio Waumini every Tuesday. Next show will be on Thursday morning.

- Youth representative accepted into the WSIS Pavilion subcommittee of the National WSIS Taskforce at CCK.

- WSIS Youth Caucus represented in the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) and in the official discussions on the draft ICT policy.

- WSIS Youth Kenya hosted the WSIS Youth Global Facilitator – Ms. Titilayo Akinsanmi - in Nairobi and she spoke during “The Break” show on Radio Waumini in June.

- WSIS Youth Kenya represented at The Africa Regional Youth Congress and Exposition in June.

- Two youth representatives attended the “National ICT Stakeholders Conference” to finalise the ICT policy in Kikambala, Kilifi in June.

- Youth and ICT Session at Onestop Youth Information Centre in July.

- Young Women and ICT Session held at Onestop Youth Information Centre in July.

- Promotion of the “Free SMS4theDeaf service” that seeks to be an ICT solution for people with hearing impairment to communicate and stay informed using mobile phones. *If you are deaf and need to receive SMS alerts send DEAF ON to the number 560 (Safaricom). The service is provided by Oneworld International.

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