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Title: Youth4Health
Location: Global
Status: In Progress
Timeline: Ongoing
Categories: Technology, Media, Health

Tags: youth, navigation, health, wellness, mentalhealth, food, foodsecurity, toronto, ontario, london, kitchenerwaterloo

Youth4Health is a community-based research project that seeks to empower newcomer youth to become “health navigators”. Youth from recent immigrant families often serve as bridges between their households and their wider communities. Now, with the widespread availability of powerful information and communication technologies, such as mobile phones, search engines and web-based social networks, there are unprecedented opportunities for youth to...

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Jan 3rd, 2012 - 07:01:08 | Andrea Yip

The Youth Voices Research Group.

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Apr 16th, 2011 - 02:59:54 | jo quayson
Health issues are often times ignored because of the stigma attached to them. Mental illness is particularly overlooked either deemed as not a “real illness” in some cultures or typecast as being... (read more)

Apr 15th, 2011 - 11:27:05 | jo quayson
What working as a YHN means to me: Working as a youth health navigator has by far been one of the most enriching experiences. Being able to work in two very different communities and work online... (read more)

Apr 12th, 2011 - 02:04:39 | Andrea Yip

Website and Graphic Designer: Position Summary

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Apr 5th, 2011 - 10:04:19 | Andrea Yip

Andrea Yip (@andie86) shares her summary of #hcsmca’s special edition chat about youth health navigation.

Thanks to everyone for joining @colleen_young and the @Youth4Health team on March... (read more)

Mar 31st, 2011 - 18:14:53 | Abie Quayson
The Wellesley community centre, located at Wellesley and Sherbourne, is an amazing place to keep active for people in this neighbourhood. There are many ways to keep physically active, for example... (read more)

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Administrator Andrea Yip (Canada)
- Nour (Canada)
- Jess Patterson (Canada)
- sundas shamshad (Canada)
- Sail.V (Canada)
- @hkulmiye (Canada)
- Kerry Scott (Canada)
- Sam Saad (Canada)
- Yi-Min Chun (Canada)
- Alex Di Giacomo (Canada)
- Abie Quayson (Canada)

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