Video Responses

A number of the members of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Councils have contributed video responses to the Youth Task Force's report. They are organized by council below:

Creating a Values Framework

Investing in Children

 Education Systems


Ensuring Sustainability

Sustainable Consumption

"I think there's an obvious youth role here. Today's youth will set tomorrow's consumption patterns and we need to ensure that these demand sustainability as a core value"

Malini Mehra
Vice-Chair, Global Agenda Council on Sustainable Consumption
Founder and CEO, Centre for Social Markets


Mitigating Global Risks & Addressing Systemic Failures


Illicit Trade



Strengthening Economic and Social Welfare

Philanthropy and Social Investing


Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


Building Effective Institutions

Future of Government



Business/Industry Councils

Skills Gap


Branding and Marketing

"The report really inspired me that if we enable social media communications among youth, they can influence their parents to make changes for the environment, for financial security, and to vote conscientiously in their communities. You really opened our eyes to aim young in our marketing, and let them carry the word forward to the adults in their lives."

David Kenny
Chair, Global Agenda Council on Branding and Marketing
Managing Partner, Vivaki


Regional Councils

Future of Africa


Young Global Leaders